Cherokee Prayer Feather

Our Native American Prayer Feathers and Smudge Fans are hand-crafted from the feathers of various birds.  The fur on this beautiful, natural barred turkey feather is recycled mink.  It is wrapped in red leather and decorated with glass beads.  Native American smudge feathers and fans are used in healing and purification ceremonies to spread sacred incense smoke into the air.  Different feathers and incense are used for specific purposes.  Fanning the smoke of burning sage is one of the most common purification traditions.  Sweetgrass, cedar, lavender, pine or your favorite incense can also be used.  The smoke purifies energy and also carries prayers.  When not in use for prayer or ceremony, they can be displayed to enjoy their beauty.


Length – 11.5″ excluding tassel, Width – 3″

Native American Tribe:


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