Hand Stamped Candelaria Turquoise Cross Pendant

Navajo silversmith, Jeremy Delgarito, set this piece of Kingman Turquoise in a hand stamped sterling silver cross design.  Jeremy is known for his simple yet elegant contemporary style. The medium sized bail is perfect for a chain or beads.  The Candelaria Turquoise mine is located in the large Candelaria Open Pit Copper, Silver, and Gold Mine in Nevada. The finest turquoise in this mine is now located in a part of the mine so difficult, that it is almost unattainable. The image of the cross has been a powerful symbol throughout the world for centuries. It represents different things to different cultures such as faith, hope, protection.

Hallmarked “Jeremy Delgarito” and stamped “Sterling”.


3″ long x 1 ½” including bail