Zuni Mosaic Inlay Sterling Silver Crescent Necklace

Zuni artists, Marylita Boone and her husband Alex create fine mosaic inlay set in sterling silver. Mosaic inlay, also known as stone to stone inlay, requires the most precise craftsmanship of all forms of inlay. This dazzling crescent shaped necklace features gold-lipped Mother of Pearl, Mediterranean Red Coral, Jet, and Turquoise with meticulous perfection. Marylita and Alex Boone have used the Zuni’s traditional stones and color scheme with this piece and the ageless symbolism of rain, clouds and mountains. The necklace is hinged for a graceful curve and finished with a sterling silver chain and clasp. It is signed “Marylita Boone Zuni, NM” with a stamped Zuni Sunface symbol.


18″ Length